Rampe Brancaccio, 49, Naples (Italy)

Founded in the 2011, the Association for Cephalopod Research ‘CephRes’ ETS is a non-profit organization. Registered in the Third Sector national Registry, CephRes ETS acts in compliance to National and International legislation regulating non-profit organizations.

CephRes is guided by the belief that promoting cephalopods has values for science, knowledge, culture, art and society.

We focus on cephalopods, a case-study for Science and Society

CephRes promotes the scientific progress through research and public engagement activities, education and advanced training of young generations with the aim of supporting the study and the dissemination of knowledge about all aspects concerning cephalopod molluscs, i.e. nautilus, cuttlefish, squid and octopus.

We are committed to continue the legacy of the COST Action FA1301, and facilitate further outcomes.


Cephalopod Biology and Care

FELASA accredited course on cephalopods as laboratory animals
(FELASA 062/18F)
in compliance with Directive 2010/63 functions: A, C, D

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