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CBC2022 Course Registration Form

  • Cephalopod Research

    Cephalopod Biology and Care Course Program, now also embraching fishes (marine)

    FELASA CBC2022: for the increase of animal welfare
    and to facilitate the use of minimally-invasive techniques

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  • In case your Academic Training is not easily identifiable in the list, or whether you have doubts and to confirm your eligibility, please upload a file including the complete list of all relevant courses (including BSc studies and/or their equivalent) that you followed, and the number of hours they took. This information will give us the possibility to verify your qualifications, and those required to be registered in the Course (file format allowed: png; jpeg; tiff; tif; doc; docx; pdf).

  • CBC Course Program is designed to provide full training including e.g., lectures, case study/problem-based learning (PBL), student’s presentations, seminars/tutorials, practical hands-on training.
    CBC Training Program is designed around the “Working document on the development of a common education and training framework to fulfil the requirements under the Directive 2010/63/EU”, and includes: Core Modules; Function Specific Modules (functions A, C and D). Originally designed around Cephalopod biology and care and for cephalopod species-specific training, the new editions are now expanding to meet species that share the Biota, i.e. marine fish as the sole other species included in the Directive 2010/63/EU that live at sea.

    Course Registration Fee - Full: 1000.00 euro; Single Taxon: 800 euro
    Full course registration fee is intended for those that would like to acquire training on both taxa (cephalopods & marine fish); ‘single taxon’ is intended for Trainees interested in either cephalopods or marine fish.
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