Rampe Brancaccio, 49, Naples (Italy)

– testing temperament in O. vulgaris

We are studying the range of personality (i.e. boldness, curiosity and sociality) in Octopus vulgaris using data collected in both laboratory tests and from the field. Understanding the range of behavioral variation in this species has both theoretical and practical implications, as the study of octopus will inform our understanding of personality in animals and guide researchers in selecting the best individual animals for particular experiments. The research is funded by the Fyssen Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to the study of cognition, and CephRes

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– reference databases


CBC Training Program (FELASA accredited course)

The Association for Cephalopod Research currently operates in three main areas: Scientific Research (Biology, Ecology and Evolution of Cephalopods), Implementation of Directive 2010/63/EU, Dissemination of Knowledge and Public Engagement

Cephalopod Biology and Care

FELASA accredited course on cephalopods as laboratory animals
(FELASA 062/18F)
in compliance with Directive 2010/63 functions: A, C, D




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