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The Association for Cephalopod Research ‘CephRes’ is a non-profit organization established in 2011.

We are guided by the belief that promoting cephalopods and their study offers immeasurable value for science, the pursuit of knowledge, culture, art, and society in general.

We focus on cephalopods as a small case study for Science and Society.

Our “role” is in: i. promoting and contributing to the quest for new knowledge, ii. creating opportunities for young people to extend their vistas through imagination and thus realize their ideas and dreams. We want to provide them with the space and opportunity to develop new ideas and see these through to their ultimate realization as journeys of exploration and viable research programs.

We are inspired by passion and focused on results.

We aim to build opportunities and stimulate the participation of scientists and scholars from diverse disciplines, as well as interested professionals outside of academic science. We want to engender discourse and cooperation across a wide swath of professional career arcs. We are focused on areas of attention, aimed to build partnerships that bring together resources, expertise, and vision both within and outside of the cephalopod research community.

CephRes promotes scientific progress through education and advanced training of young generations with the aim of supporting the study and dissemination of knowledge regarding all aspects of coleoid cephalopods (i.e., cuttlefish, squid and octopus).