Rampe Brancaccio, 49, Naples (Italy)

The final assessment for the CephRes CBC2019 FELASA accredited course has been finalized and results published below.

Overall, about 60% of Trainees achieved a final rank that allowed them to pass at the first run. A second, re-exam session procedure will offer Trainees the possibility of filling the gaps that did not allowed them to pass the exam at the first instance.

Here you will find the final marks following written and practical examinations.

  1. The pass mark is 70% on the written assessments (SBA [60marks] and SAQ [30marks], i.e. 63/90 to pass). This pass mark is based on recommendations in the Directive training document and reflects the essentially core nature of the majority of material covered in this course.
  2. Each candidate is expected to attend all formal training sessions. Although participation/engagement is not assessed, participation and sharing knowledge and experience with other course participants is strongly recommended.
  3. To the Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE) are allocated up to 10 marks.

To pass the course the candidate must pass both written (SBA+SAQ) and practical (OSPE) elements.