Biology and Life History of Cephalopods

 behavior, cognition, evolution, ecology, fisheries, genomics, neuroscience, taxonomy

an interim meeting of the international cephalopod community

New dates!  September 17-19, 2020
Napoli, Italy

A CephRes meeting, endorsed by the Cephalopod International Advisory Council ‘CIAC’

CephRes is pleased to welcome the Cephalopod Scientific Community in Napoli (Italy) for the participation and contribution to a series of scientific events aimed to discuss about the most updated scientific findings related to cephalopods biology, life history, physiology, genomics, neuroscience and cognition.

We are very proud for being able to organize the Conference with the endorsement of the CIAC (Cephalopod International Advisory Council)

The Conference is the occasion for increasing our network and provide future challenges for cephalopod science.

We invite participation from All Members of the cephalopod research community.

The April2020 Cephs’ event series has the main aim to bring together researchers – at any level of experience and from diverse fields – to promote dialogue and facilitate future networking and collaborations. The ‘Cephalopod Conference: an interim meeting of the international cephalopod community’ is strategically placed 18 months between the Triennial CIAC meetings.

Scientific Content and Plan

Spanning over three days, the scientific discussion will be coordinated within topics/themes, based on the contributions submitted for consideration.

The scientific programme will be posted here soon!

Contributions will be in the format of Oral and/or Poster presentations.

In addition, Focus-on Sessions will be included: ‘Symposia’ or ‘MiniSymposia’, i.e., four or six oral presentations, respectively (max allocated time 1.5 hours, including discussion) including related poster presentations (max 10 by different first authors per proposal).

Each first Author may submit a maximum of two abstracts (oral and/or poster).


Submission of proposals for Focus-on Sessions ended on January 10, 2020. (Deadline Extended to  Saturday 18)

Abstract submission ended on January 31 2020. (Deadline Extended to  Friday 7 February).

Acceptance of the submitted proposals for Focus-on Sessions have been notified to the main proposer. 

Abstracts and notification of the type-of-presentation (Oral vs Poster) have been notified to presenting Authors.

Satellite Scientific Events

pre-Conference Satellite Scientific Events are scheduled

  1. “Early-life stages of cephalopods” – 2days
  2. “The Digestive Tract of Cephalopods”- 2days
  3. “Cephalopods in genomics era”- 1day

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CBC2020 - FELASA accredited course

Cephalopod Biology and Care – CBC 2020

The Conference will be followed by the second edition of the CBC FELASA accredited course. Postponed! New dates available soon!

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2020EVENTS Registration


CALL for Abstracts



pre-Conference Satellite Scientific Events

Early-life stages of cephalopods: A satellite event to create a revised identification key

Satellite Scientific Event #1

New dates! September 15-16, 2020

Coordinators: Drs. Erica A. G. Vidal (Brazil), Liz Shea (USA) and Heather Judkins (USA)

The Digestive Tract of Cephalopods

Satellite Scientific Event #2 

New dates! September 15-16, 2020

Coordinators: Prof. Paul L.R. Andrews (UK), Dr. Catharina Olsson (Sweden), Prof. Maurice Elphick (UK), Prof. Carlos Rosas (Mexico)

Cephalopods in genomics era: current status and future directions in omics approaches

Satellite Scientific Event #3 

New dates! September 16, 2020

Organizers: Dr. Oleg Simakov (Austria), Dr. Pasquale De Luca (Italy), Dr. Laure Bonnaud-Ponticelli (France)

2020EVENTS Registration

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Satellite Event (two days) 50€ 60€ 80€
Satellite Event (single day) 40€ 50€ 70€
Excursion 30€ 30€ 30€

1 BSc, Master students and PhD candidates (should provide a valid certificate demonstrating their status).

2 Early Career Investigator: an individual who is within a time span of up to eight (8) years from the date they obtained their PhD/doctorate (full-time equivalent) and has not yet a permanent position (should provide a valid certificate or certified cv demonstrating the status)

* Access to welcome ceremony and social dinner – can join excursion (additional 30 euro)

The Registration Fee includes:
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We will plan “Biology and Life History of Cephalopods” conference program to allow delegates to have a taste of Napoli and its surroundings. Four different excursions are available (max number of people per group 25):

1- Napoli City tour, a taste of the downtown and its historical roots and buildings.

2- Pompeii, the most known archaeological site.

3- Napoli Sea tour, a kayaking experience in the Bay of Napoli.

4- Mount Vesuvius, an easy climbing experience to the top of Mount Vesuvius with a spiral walkway around the volcano from the road to the crater enjoying top view of the Bay of Napoli.

The Scientific Organizing Committee

Giovanna Ponte
Graziano Fiorito
Louise Allcock
Rossella Di Giaimo
Erica Vidal

The April2020 interim meeting of the international cephalopod community is running also

in cooperation with the Neapolitan Brain Group


The interim meeting of the international cephalopod community and related events will take place in Napoli, Italy.

The venue of the meeting as well as the Satellite Scientific Event #3 will be the “Centro Congressi Federico II” in Via Partenope, 36, Napoli.


Satellite Events #1 and #2 are scheduled to occur at the “Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn” in Napoli, Italy.

Please find here a list of Suggested Hotels


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