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The "Association for Cephalopod Research", an international Organization with the acronym 'CephRes', is a non-profit Association with scientific and educational objectives. Logo

This Association is governed according to the dispositions of Legislative Decree n. 460 of 4th Dec.1997 under Italian law.

Aims of CephRes are to promote
i. the advancement of biological science and related disciplines, and

ii. education and advanced training, to foster the study and dissemination of knowledge regarding cephalopods and marine organisms that share their biota.

The association is non-political and non-profit-making.
Its main activity is to promote and financially support the advancement of knowledge relating to the biological, physiological, behavioural and ecological characteristics of living organisms belonging to taxa of interest.

All the studies are to be carried out respecting ecologically sustainable development, also with the aim to facilitate R&D that may provide a socio-economic impact.

The Association aims to take all actions necessary to facilitate the diffusion, both at national and international level, of cephalopod mollusks and their related species as a study model for the advancement of Knowledge.

In addition, taking into account Directive 2010/63/EU - that frames European legislation on the protection of animals used in research and education - the Association aims to discuss, examine and facilitate its impact on present and future research in this area; it will also foster the creation of a consensus view on issues and practical implications regarding the welfare of cephalopods.



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