CephRes Training Program and Initiatives

Following the experience of organizing Training Schools within the aim and objectives of the COST Action FA1301 – CephsInAction – the Association for Cephalopod Research ‘CephRes’ consolidated the Cephalopod Biology and Care Training Program (CBC) that is now a FELASA accredited course in laboratory animal science for EU Functions A/C/D.

Cephalopod Biology and Care – CBC is designed to comply the requirements of the “working document on the development of a common education and training framework to fulfill the requirements under the Directive 2010/63/EU” and FELASA recommendations for the accreditation of Education and Training courses in Laboratory Animal Science (see also Gyger et al, 2018).

Cephalopod Biology and Care – CBC is a Function A/C/D course according to the EU Directive 2010/63 (article 23.2), accredited by the Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Association (FELASA), as the sole operating course specifically designed for training on cephalopod molluscs as lab-animals, in compliance with Article 23 and Annex V of the Directive 2010/63/EU.

Upcoming courses

CBC 2022

Available soon

Napoli (Italy)

Past courses

CBC 2019

Barcelona (Spain)

Planned courses

2020 Vico Equense and Baia (Cephres main seat, Italy) July and October
2021 Barcelona (Spain) tbd
2022 Vico Equense and Baia (CephRes main seat, Italy) October