We will convene at the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, one of the oldest marine laboratories in the world, and the first 'Zoological Station'.

The Venue for this workshop (Fresco Room) has been generously offered by the Stazione Zoologica to support this CephRes initiative.


The Stazione Zoologica was founded in the 1871 by the German Zoologist Anton Dohrn (for his vision see Dohrn, 1972). 

Nowadays, the Stazione Zoologica is one of the governmental Research Institutes operating in Italy.

The scientific histories of the cephalopods and of the Stazione are deeply interwoven. This is one of the reasons, and maybe the main one, we decided to meet at this location.

DraftLogoThe links between the scientific histories of cephalopods and Stazione Zoologica are exemplified in the draft of the logo of the Stazione suggested to Gate-Anton Dohrn, and in part of the Gate still at the Main entrance of buiding in Napoli. 

Table 2 in Ponte et al. (2013) provides selected bibliography on some aspects of research on cephalopods' biology and physiology carried out at the Stazione Zoologica di Napoli from 1873 to 1964.



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To reach the Stazione Zoologica (SZN) please follow instructions provided in the SZN web page .

See also the small map below from Google Maps.
















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