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Cephalopod Biology, a special issue compiled under the auspices of the no-profit research organization CephRes

JEMBE, vol 447, pages 1-164 (September 2013)

This Special Issue include 20 open access contributions and an introductory note.
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«The contributions included in this special issue, "bring together a range of recent studies from diverse areas of cephalopod research, based essentially, but not solely, on the presentations given at EuroCeph 2011" (Vico Equense, Italy). "With the growing concern to the welfare of invertebrates, and on cephalopods in particular, a systematic analysis of the impact and guidance maintenance and use in research of cephalopods are widely expected. ... In the sake of such renewed interest, contributions on how age may be estimated in cephalopods, an animal may be tagged, studies on anesthetics and their immune system, the identification and management of pain, suffering and distress of cephalopods are all more than welcomed. Field studies and tracking methods on squid and cuttlefish keep us connected to the animals' natural conditions, while studies of their sensory inputs at different stages of development provide insight to their Umwelten. Basic biology and neuroscience continue to be the key fields in cephalopods research; examples in this issue of JEMBE range from understanding the role of specific molecules in various aspects of their lives, to advanced methodologies and applications introduced to understand and describe the organization of cephalopods' flexible body parts. [excerpt from Ponte & Fiorito, 2013]»


This project has been possible thanks to:

i. all Contributors for the quality of science produced and for their efforts and patience
ii. the Production Team of JEMBE and Elsevier for their precious assistance and patience
iii. Professor Sandra Shumway that enthusiastically supported and assisted us in this project from its conception to the very end

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